Friday, September 24, 2010

BLAh.... school...
I have to say my freshmen year seemed a lot more exciting than my sophomore year is so far.But that might be because basketball season hasnt started yet. (its coming up soon tho) Im in drivers Ed right now EVERY day after school for 3 hours of bookwork and lecturing.. loads of fun.. actually its not that bad the teacher is cool and pretty layed back but it seems to drag on longer than the school day seems. I drive 3 times a week. Its only a 2 week long class and then you have to drive with parents for 6 months and then you get your licence. Definatly NOT gonna be driving the mini van everywhere tho.. its not even an option. lol. in school i have tons of homework! Plus the Drivers Ed homework every night but im getting used to it. Currently not interested in any guys... kinda sucks... But I have actually made a couple more friends that are girls!!! (this is an accomplishment for me) lol. but I have probably made at least 10x more the amount of guy friends, they are just so easy to get along with. The hardest thing that has happened this year is one of my sophomore friends Colton Mackey died.. He got hit on a crosswalk by a 89 year old guy that didn't see him because of the sun. Colton had major head injury, and spine injuries and was intensive care he was said to have about a 2% chance of living... We were pretty good friends in 7th grade kindof in 8th and freshmen. i hadn't talked to him for awhile and i actually talked to him and gave him a hug the day before he got hit...good guy.. great football player, baseball player, and hunter. Can't wait for it to be summer again!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well... my momma doesn't know I'm on here yet so I better hurry. My grades are still A's and an occasional B in Geometry. School has gotten soooooooo boring ever since basketball has ended! Luckily a different league starts May 9th and after that is over we have tournaments set up. Nothing new is going on besides that.. um I have started to like some guys.. but my mom has filled everyone in on that so I don't need to go there... Something I can't wait for is it to get hot!! I am DEFINATLY a summer person! I love to sit outside and soak up the sun and eat ice cream and popsicles. Well that's all I have to talk about so... PEACE :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ok, so my mom took Thursday, Friday, and Monday off. She is taking each of us kids out for a day with her!!! I'm actually really excited.. I mean babysitting my bro and sis all week can be fun sometimes but now I am freakin' sick of it!!
So anyways, the kids and I get to pick something fun to do with mom. but we have to school clothes shopping along with that. (It's no problem to me.. cuz I get to go to the mall but the other kids aren't to excited..) Kallee either wants to go to the zoo or Boondocks (arcade, laser tag, go-karts, bumper-boats etc..) we'll see if mom goes for one of those.... most likely not.. Braydon wants to go to a pottery place.. where you paint the pottery they have. And me I want to go see the movie The Proposal, and then hit a place called Icebergs for HUGE shakes mhhm gewd!!!
I was going to already give my mom the mother of the year award but, she declined and said, "You better wait until after we actually go out." Which either means possibility #1 she thinks we expect a lot, or possibility #2 she might not be in the most friendly mood at that time.. Still debating on which one it could be, but I'm leaning towards BOTH..
Ya.. so that is what's going on right now.. My summer has pretty much sucked... I mean it's not bad but every year it gets more boring :( isn't it supposed to be the other way around??? My summer activities have consisted of babysitting, basketball camp, mutual, zoo (once with g-ma), Roaring Spring (once for 2 hours), and well.. that's about it...
But we are going to Lagoon the first week of August. So I'll have something else to add to my list. As long as either Bryce or Lisa can go so someone can ride the roller coaster's with me. Cuz you see.. my parents aren't as Young as they used to be.. Anyways I better leave it at that before I get into more trouble.. Luv <3>

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yes!! After I have been begging my mom to let me blog she finally gave in, even though I don't have much to talk about. I'm glad school is over.. FINALLY! This year didn't go as fast as it usually does :( But I still finished strong, I ended up holding my straight A's all year. The last day was a blast we have yearbook signing and then a talent show/ assembly, and then a BBQ.

My summer so far has consisted of P.C. (physical conditioning), basketball practice, basketball tournaments, and babysitting. Ohh and my favorite, that I get to rub in Braydon's face, Roaring Springs!! (Which is a water park!) It was way fun except I was the only daring one that would open my eyes on the scary rides, and there just so happened to be some WAYYY cute guys there!! :)

On Monday I am going to my 5 day basketball camp in La Grande, Oregon!! I am so Freakin' excited!! Except for the getting up at 6 o'clock in the morning, I am definatly a night owl and not a morning person. We play, practice, and eat (that's all we do) from 6 a.m. through 10:30. I think every other day we get like an hour of free time. (Which I bet I will use either sleeping or swimming. Sayonara!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, I have officially lost 17 pounds in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, it is the kind of weight loss that doesn't stay off. It is the kind you get when you have the flu etc. AND the wrinkles just move down to my belly so, I haven't lost as much there as I have my thighs etc. My boobs haven't shrunk either. It is a weekly cristening that I wake up in the night with both ends giving up everything I've got. I need to get some energy and motivation to walk or do something to keep my muscle strength. Grandma gave me squishy balls for my hands/fingers cuz I couldn't open a jar. Oh, I passed out for the first time in years and years the other night from a major ,wake me up from my sleep panic attack, another thing I havent' had or missed for years n years. It completely drained me. I had to wake Corey up that time to pick up my clammy and shakey body and help me to our room. He is so patient. I'm lucky. I'm still trying to get rid of all of the junk draining down my throat from that cold I got last week. I hope grandma didn't get it. So far only Kallee has picked it up. Still waiting on the news for much paperwork. Working even part time wears me out most days.

Kristins shower is the 20th. I am still trying to figure that one out as Hailey has a long distance tournament that weekend and Braydon has his scouts day camp Fri. and Sat. I can't drive alone so we'll see how passionate they are about those. It is fathers day weekend too so it would be good to go.

As predicted, Braydon and Kallee want to be outside 24/7 and smell like dirt. Baths nightly cuz the are covered in dirt and grass from building forts and hunting frogs. It is all they can think about and it is quite a chore to get them to do much else. You saw Haileys schedule before, June is a wild ride for her. She won't know what to do July and August with a clear plate!

My banker from hell celebrated her last day today. yeah. I like my new one but, he can't start until July. He is actually a manager stepping down to the banker role and we've worked together before. His wifes name is Heidi too and they have a few little ones. Refreshing since my whole office is young single party animals.

No summer vacations planned yet. If we do they will be simple this year. Camping in July with some friends of our old ward.

Mom and Dad are laying tile on thier own after the flood. They are too old and not in the condition to be on their hands and knees doing that work. Especially mom with her back. It is harder than one thinks. I worry about them they were already exhausted and looked beat at the funeral before the storm and the flood. I wish I lived closer and Hailey didn't have all these weekend basketball tournements. I don't know how I would be of much help but at least it would be me crouched and hunched over the stuff. I need to send them on a vacation. I know Clint and Kristen are a good help when they can find time to do it.

Stacey, who all is coming for the wedding? How long are you staying?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Well, it is going to be the last time we smell the roses up the walkway. Hit the chimes as we walk in the door. See grandpas beautiful notty wood table. Take a swing on the tires or climb the old metal set. Catching skeeter bugs/penny bugs, pick those tiny yellow butter cup flowers just for grandma. See how fast grandma slips off her magic slippers to spank your butt. Oh, the mint that grew by the ditch, the big garden and fresh veggies in the summer. Vitamin C disks, jordan almonds, and the latest the jaw breakers. The smell of grandpas den. Grandmas chair empty in the spare room, grandpas spot gone in the living room. No more watching uncles play cribbage at the table. Hearing grandma always tell you how much she has been blessed in her life. Hall ways and tables full of family pictures, mostly outdated. All of the pretty glass figurines in the dining room hutch that we adored when young. Etc. Corey and I have lost his grandma and a grandpa oh, in the last 5 years or so. This is my first time though that the house will go to, not just a person. It feels a little weird.
Grandma has always said she was waiting for grandpa to come give her a kiss. I'm glad she got it now and is rid of all of the gismos and gadgets she was hooked up to.
Autumn graduated tonight so we had to stay the weekend for the graduation (we attended but left after she walked, there were almost 500 kids. I don't think folks were happy we skipped early oh well). Tomorrow is her graduation BBQ and we need haircuts etc. then Sunday morning we are off. We'll do viewing and funeral on Monday.. Then back on Tuesday. We're staying with Grandma Kramer and I have a bad cold. grrrrrrr.
Wed. is Kallees last day of kindergarten she has a program and picnic. I can't hit the program due to DR appt but, I am going to the picinic. Hailey and Braydon are out Thursday.
Hailey is playing ball all June. AAU is over this is a different group (they lost semifinals by like 3 points) the 5th & 6th she plays in Burley, then she goes to yw camp, the day she gets back she has a full weekend tournament in Fruitland, the next weekend in Weiser Then she is gone for a full week to LaGrande for a basketball camp. We will be in Utah for Tavis wedding and headed home for the 4th to pick her up. SHWEW! I don't know if I will be working part time or not at all.
I am in the long process of filing for long term disability. My short term runs out end of June and I am soooo not where I need to be. They make you file for SSDI but I'm sure I'll be denied. I don't need permanent just until.....well I don't know. I've given myself lots of optimistic dates and that sure as hell didn't work. My employer wont let me go PT anymore, I'll have to find another position. None are open now, except commission only mortgage broker. If I leave work, I have a 60? day job search leave to find something within Wells (unpaid) when I come back. Or, I may be forced to be a Full Time manager and make it 6 mos or so until they fire me because I'm not 100% or just shy of making my numbers. At this point, I don't care (that's a lie I cry about it daily and obsess about what ifs) but, if we were to loose everything because the main bread winner and benefit keeper stays wacko and cant work and make $50k a year anymore.....Wells Fargo is the one who will take ALL of the losses on the loans. On the flip side, if I have to go teller just to keep benefits and not make squat......I don't know if you can be employed by them if they take a loss by you.......hmmmmmm. oh well. I won't know if I'm even approved for the insurance for a few weeks.

Braydon is happily outside and catching frogs. He is going to smell like dirt all summer.
Kallee follows brayon and the neighbors dog. Corey is same old thing. Work, fantasy baseball, and xbox. The yard keeps us busy too.

Glad to hear Heather is doing better and the sores are healing.

Pretty blah update. Hope all is well! Love ya!

Monday, April 13, 2009


After my 3 tournament games on Saturday, (We got 2nd) I went with my friend to RC Willey's to see if they had the digital camera she wanted to buy, but instead we got free pictures with the easter bunny. The people taking the picture were laughing at us, c'mon can't older kids have some fun? ha ha..
So on easter we got out easter baskets (jump ropes, moivies, candy etc..) Then, we went to church. After church we went to my Grandparents house and had Sunday dinner, celebrated my birthday, and had an easter egg hunt. It was really fun with all the little kids.
Ohh, and finally I get to have a friend birthday party! :) I am soo excited, I am taking a couple of friend to the movies to see mall cop, and then just have food, and play games at my house. Well, anyways I don't have much to talk about. Luv ya!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation: By yours truly ~Hailey~

Ha Ha ya... so my mom told me that I'm now in charge of the blog. I bet I will get fired soon. lol, I think the only reason I got hired is because she doesn't want to write about everything we did on vacation. So I guess I will tell you about that....( oh and by the way if you didn't we were on vacation with my daddy's family, Cordell, Vicki, Cade, and Autumn.) :)

We got to stay in a beautiful lake house, that was all wood and country decor. It was AWESOME!!!! We had tin-foil dinners, and smores in the fire pit in the back yard. They had kyaks for the lake. I LOVE KYAKING!!! (Even though I fell out when trying to figure out how to park the thing and get out.) Even Braydon got the courage to get into one. But of course he had to stay right next to the shore. My dad pushed him a little ways out and hahaha he peeed his pants in the kyak.

My personal favorite on the vacation of course is the Dunes!!! We got a 6 seater and a 3 seater to ride in. That is the only thing my mom didn't go on because, she wasn't feeling very well that day, I bet she would've liked it if she was feeling better. =( I liked going on the bumps otherwise known as Whoop-dee-do's you get some major speed on those and dang you go flyin'. It was a lot of fun especially when we got to ride down to the beach and play in the water for awhile!!!

Secondly, I liked the animal safari. We got to drive around and look at all the different animals. There was bears, emu, tigers, cheetahs, buffalo, zebra, bald eagles, monkeys, yak, moose, giraffes, etc.. The cool part about it is that most of them get to run around freely. So when you drive down the road the animals can be right next to you, or even right in the middle of the road. It was pretty cool.

One of the other really cool things we got to go to was the Redwood forest. I wasn't too excited to go look at some dumb trees. But it ended up being pretty fun. Because at one of the hotels I found a ?brochure? (ya I don't know to spell that oh.. well) that had a ride called the sky trail in the Redwood forest, it takes you 160 ft. in the air, in a glass box with seats in it. At the top you get off at a look-out point sort-of thing and you get to see the top's of all the trees, and where offspring are nested. It was a lot more fun then I thought it would be.

Aww.. yes and the sea lion caves. You go into an elevator to the cave, and man, it stinks like CRAP!!!! I'm not kidding either. The people that work there said it wasn't that bad smelling the day we went, but boy I sure thought otherwise. It was neat to see like 200 sea lions in a cave though.

Ohh yeah.. and we went to the Crescent City Aquarium. It was freakin' sweet! I enjoyed watch my brother almost start crying when the tour guide put a starfish on his are to show its biting him. He wouldn't have freaked out if he was listening to the guide that star fish don't have teeth!!! hahaha.. I was the only one who got to pet a seal!!! That was pretty cool, they are kinda sticky. it felt really weird. But was really cool is my uncle Cade got to lick an anemone.. the tour guide it was like getting novacaine, that his mouth should feel all tingley, and of course it was, he still thought it felt weird that next morning.

We also went to a Wildlife Center, it was different. We got to pet a lynx and baby panther. We also got to hold and play with a oppossum, baby ferrets, and white skunks. Most of the time we were watchin' the ground so we didn't step in a pile of poo or puddle of pee. (Because they had deer, llamas, goats, and long-horn sheep, running around freely.)

Wow.. you made it through my horrible writing skills! That must have been painful to read. lol

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you Stacey for fiddlefarting around with my blog page and not updating yours for PTC.

Well today we're off to the coast with a forcast of rain. I've not done as good the last few weeks so we'll see. I feel really anxious. No phone calls back from the Dr.s. We've never been to the CA side so, we'll see what we'll find.

For the view of our spot in June you can go to Hallmark Cannon Beach OR. You can see the views. the beach houses are right by the appts. House floor plans etc. I'm excited. I'll be better by then.

Went to sacrament meeting yesterday. It wore me out but was nice. Braydon is a super pill and thinks he days of boredom.

Hailey needs bedroom accessories mainly turquoise, accent orange an lime. send links or whatever! Braydon need jungle accessories.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My body aches, it hurts to cough, I am losing control of my bladder and I can't control my bladder much anymore. I can't will myself to sleep. Like on the notebook, wouldn't it be nice to will yourself your final sleep? My head/thoughts are find but, physically I am hatin' it. I may go see my regular dr. Monday or when I get back.

It is officially spring here. It has been a nice few days. I can't get Braydon to do anything he is always outside. We've even caught our first frog. he's no help until winter. grades improved at PTC he needs to listen n focus still. His response: I'm bored lol.

Kallee and Corey are teases.. She got in trouble for calling him a fat lard so she sang in sweetly in song and still got in trouble. She says she is telling Jesus on him that he is mean. She has finally gotten over her cold and got to go to a bday party. She thinks she is cool.

Hailey has been a huge help. So be it if it is for $ for hair or earings etc. she has been a life saver. I found a quilt. Now we need poster of peacesign, tye dye, grafitee etc. Her colors are turq. lime green and orange with a touch of purple/pink. tyedye is the main themme.

off to the coast w/ the inlaws n no energy. wish me luck.